I love to drink wine….. that being said, I love to drink wine with food. I don’t know when my passion forwine really began, somewhere in my thirties. With all … Read More

What Do We Grow?

I get asked all the time, “What is your favorite wine?” I usually respond with something like, “It dependson what I’m eating”. But, of course that always leads to, “why … Read More

When to release…

When to release……. This question is one of the most important decisions a winemaker must embrace. There is so much that goes into it, the analytics of the wine, (science) … Read More


WINE CLUB MEMBERS 🍷 don’t forget your reusable totes for pickup. We wanted to also remind everyone, as we get this question often… pickup weekends are not just for members, … Read More

Grape Growing in 2022

This post is difficult, I thought I would write about this year’s vintage as we progress through the season. Therein lies the problem, there is not a lot of progress … Read More