Megan Kohlman

Meet Megan Kohlman, the Director of Tasting Room Operations and Events at Spire Mountain Cellars. Megan grew up in Roseburg, attended Roseburg high school, and graduated from UCC in 2009. In August of 2011 marrying Tyler, and officially joining the Kohlman Family, she began the journey that is Spire Mountain Cellars. Each year since, she has been involved in the Pruning, Harvest, canopy management, wine making, and marketing of our distinctive wines.

Megan Kohlman punching down the cap during maceration.

Megan’s creativity, personality, and stunning smile welcome guests to our facility, and add that special touch that makes a visit to the tasting room memorable. Come sit, sip, and enjoy the mountain niche that is Spire Mountain Cellars.


Megan Kohlman, Director of Tasting Room Operations and Events

Kevin & Karen Kohlman

Meet the owners, Karen and Kevin Kohlman. Both grew up in San Diego, attending High School together and marrying in 1982. Karen’s family the week following the wedding, moved to Roseburg, with her 2 brothers and 2 sisters, leaving her to the joys of a new life with Kevin, in southern California. Both fostered careers, Karen in Banking and Real Estate, Kevin in Engineering. In 1985 Tyler arrived as a new bundle of joy, while Kevin was finishing his undergraduate work. Completing a degree in chemistry, the first career change, moved the young family to Washington state, where in 1991 Daniel joined the Kohlman clan, and Karen’s life as a fulltime mom became reality. In 1996 the career again moved the family to Orange county, California, where Kevin’s new role took him throughout the state, to many California wineries doing engineering work and servicing accounts.

The “Wine Bug” grew as Kevin became familiar with many winemakers and owners, solving engineering problems for them and learning the wine business from the “backrooms.” As Kevin’s career grew to a more regional role, the drive to live the “wine Lifestyle” and the need to only be near an airport became the ability to live where wine grows, and start establishing our vineyard. Legacy Vineyards began in 1999 with the purchase of the land and the initial planting of Pinot Noir in the Iron Wheel Vineyard. The Kohlman’s bought this site after literally searching high and low, and throughout three states, for the right location to grow “the right” varietals and their two young boys, Tyler and Daniel. As providence would have it, “high” was found to be the right location to grow our distinctive varietals in the unique style that we have come to be known by.

Grandpa Kohlman preparing the barrels for filling

Karen was a busy mom with both boys involved in all the athletic activities, school, and a fulltime job, when the dream of vineyard ownership burst upon the seen. Having moved several times chasing Kevin’s career in heavy industrial engineering/consulting, and the associated daily travel requirements that go with that line of work, Karen found the new lifestyle enabled her to follow her passion for animals; dogs, cats, horses, cattle, chickens, etc. Adding to the daily tasks, managing a new vineyard, and keeping the wildlife at bay till the deer fencing was complete made for some very long days, where the boys took to “chores” and Karen managed even more than a growing family. Kevin’s passion for great wines, turned to establishing our farming abilities, choosing the right varietals, and making wine that would capture the uniqueness of this location. The boys grew, the vines thrived, the animals multiplied, weddings occurred and grandchildren laugh today in the old barn that has become the not only the tasting room, but the venue where the wine lifestyle has taken root.

kevin tasting

Kevin Kohlman prepared for a private tasting at the Benicia Marina